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Learn Guitar Fast with the Six Week Guitar BootCamp Video Course:

* One Easy, Weekly Video Lesson for Six Weeks

* Four (Daily) Practice Session Videos per Week for Six Weeks (Each Day is Different)

* Includes a Downloadable Guitar Book and CD ($19.95 Value)

* No Musical Background or Note Reading Required

* Proven Method Created by a 30-Year Guitar Teacher, Seth the Guitar Guy, Who Will Give You Help, Tips, & Encouragement!

Introducing… The Six Week Guitar Video BootCamp!  

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Learn Guitar Fast! What’s Inside the Step-by-Step Video Course:

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One Weekly Video Lesson

Kick off each week with a new lesson to learn everything you need to know in order to get you playing guitar with a good, solid foundation. Lessons last for six weeks!


Four Daily Practice Sessions

Wondering how to practice? And for how long? Simply login and follow along with step-by-step practice sessions – four video practice sessions per week!


Basic Chords & Strumming

Learn basic chords and, very importantly, three strumming patterns that will make your playing sound great!