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16 08, 2012

Using a Capo, Part Two

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Guitar Instruction by Seth: Capo Part Two: Where Do I Put It?

I recently created a video with some guitar instruction on how to use a capo; however, I keep getting more questions, such as where to put it and how it is used.

SO – I wanted to give a little more guitar instruction on capos and show some really basic examples on on how quickly you can change the key of a song to help you or those who are trying to sing along with your playing.

In this video Amanda is helping me demonstrate by singing along in some keys that are both good and bad for her. You'll notice that even though I move the capo around I am still playing the same three chords! 


15 08, 2012

Amanda’s Third Guitar Lesson!

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Guitar Instruction by Seth: Amanda Learns Guitar Fast! Week 3, Lesson 3

We are now into week three…and 14-year-old Amanda is doing amazing! I made a mistake in the video…this is only her 3rd lesson (not her fourth)! Amanda is an ideal student because she has a strong desire to learn how to play guitar fast AND she is willing to practice every day for 30 minutes! 
In her first week of guitar instruction she learned G, C, and D7 and how to pick with her thumb and fingers in 4/4 time. During her second week of guitar instruction she went on to D, G, and A7 and continued to strum with her thumb and fingers. She also learned how to strum in 3/4 time. 
Today we'll watch how she does on her finger exercises and we'll play Silent Night in the key of G. She will then learn the G7 and F chords and Silent Night in the key of C. She will also learn how to fingerpick! How cool is that? 
Check back with us in a week to see Amanda's progress during week 3! 
14 08, 2012

Do I Need a Musical Background to Learn Guitar?

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I am often asked the question, “Do I need a musical background to learn guitar?”

I think the fear from the folks who haven’t previously picked up an instrument is that it will be too hard or too time consuming. Maybe they have had experiences with music in the past that were difficult and they are worried the guitar will be the same way.

Good news! Check out my video and I’ll tell you my thoughts!

Guitar Instruction by Seth: Do I Need a Musical Background to Learn Guitar Fast?