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8 08, 2012

How to Tune Your Guitar by Ear

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Uh-oh! You’ve lost your guitar tuner…or you just don’t have one. What are you going to do? Can you tune without a guitar tuner?

In this video I’ll walk you through how to tune your guitar using the 6th string as your guide. Then I’ll show you how I learned to check my tuning with a couple of simple songs we all know, “Here Comes the Bride” and “Kumbaya.”




7 08, 2012

Amanda’s First Guitar Lesson – Follow Her for 6 Weeks!

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With the exciting launch of my new video course, the 6 Week Guitar Bootcamp, I decided it would be fun to show a student actually work through the same exact guitar instruction materials that are in my program.

In this video, 14-year-old Amanda has her first lesson. Then she is going to check in with us every six weeks to show us her progress. This should be fun to watch her learn guitar fast!

The goal with my bootcamp is to teach you how to play guitar well enough to enjoy it within 6 weeks (30 min a day).


7 08, 2012

How to Tune Your Guitar With a Tuner

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In another video I show how to change the strings on a guitar. Whenever you change guitar strings you can expect the guitar to be significantly out of tune the next couple of times you play it because the strings need to stretch a little before they will hold their tune.

There are several different ways to tune a guitar:

  1. Using a piano
  2. By ear (tuning from the 6th string)
  3. With a tuner

In this video, I am going to show you the easiest way to tune a guitar: with a tuner. I am going to show you a few different tuner options that are out there on the market and then I’ll actually tune the guitar using a tuner.

It really is so simple – using the guitar tuner as a guide, simply turn the tuning peg left or right until the tuner indicates that you are in tune.

Remember: every time you practice or perform you should tune your guitar. It is important that you not only perform in tune but that you practice in tune as well!


22 07, 2012

New Six Week Guitar Bootcamp Video Course Almost Ready!

By |2012-08-14T12:40:58-07:00July 22nd, 2012|6 Week Bootcamp|0 Comments

seth the guitar guy

So excited to open my Six Week Guitar Bootcamp program! I am only just a couple of days out from having everything up and ready to go. It has been a ton of work and a lot of late nights, but I am excited because I really believe it is a great program that will teach hundreds (maybe even thousands) of aspiring guitar players how to play the guitar well enough to enjoy it.

What could be better than that?