The Guitar Guy Six-Week Boot Camp

The Guitar Guy Six-Week Video Boot Camp

Hey, Boot Camp survivors or enrollees, I am looking for testimonials for my The Guitar Guy Six-Week Video Boot Camp!  I want to get the word out about what a great program this is so that others can realize their dreams of playing the guitar!  Anyone who has been through the program and is willing to take the time to do a video endorsement of The Guitar Guy Six-Week Video Boot Camp will receive a signed copy of The Guitar Guy – Guitar Book 1, as well as a Thank You card from me (Seth, The Guitar Guy) with two absolutely delicious brownies.

Click the link to the Testimonial Format and answer the questions.  Send me a copy of the video, and I’ll take it from there!

If you have been through the course but struggle with video, but would still be willing to do a testimonial, please also click on the link and answer the questions.  I would love to send you a Thank You card and brownies for your time!

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