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31 08, 2012

Basic Strumming Pattern on an Acoustic Guitar – Alternating Thumb and Fingers

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Hey All! It’s a beautiful day to play the guitar, isn’t it?

So…this video is similar to my last one in that I discuss how many beginning guitar students learn how to play a few different chords on the guitar…but are unsure about what to do with their right hands. I personally did not know how to strum when I first started learning guitar at 12 years old, so I know what it feels like to be unsure!

In this video I am going to show a basic strumming pattern, using an alternating thumb and fingers. I will show you how to do it with a G, C, and D7 chord, but once you get the pattern down you can use it with all chords!


Guitar Instruction by Seth: A Basic Strumming Pattern

31 08, 2012

Basics of Strumming and Fingerpicking on an Acoustic Guitar

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In my experience as a guitar instructor I have found that many beginning guitar players learn how to play chords on the guitar, but aren't sure what to do with their right hand. 

This brief video gives a quick rundown of a basic strumming pattern for both 3/4 and 4/4 time songs as well as the basics of fingerpicking. For more in-depth videos:

Strumming: Basic Strumming Pattern

Fingerpicking: How to Fingerpick on a Guitar


Guitar Instruction by Seth: Strumming and Fingerpicking on an Acoustic Guitar


20 08, 2012

Ready for Your First Guitar Lesson? Follow Along with Clint as He Takes His First Lesson, Too!

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Clint Collins is learning how to play the guitar fast with my easy guitar instruction! If you are a beginner and wanting to learn guitar fast, follow along with this video – you can have your first guitar lesson, too!

In this video, Clint learns how to do a basic (but important!) finger exercise on the first string, and then moves on to learning how to play a G chord, a C chord, and a D7 chord. He also learns how to strum the guitar for each chord in 4/4 time. Finally, he learns his first song, "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain" in the Key of G.

Guitar Instruction by Seth: Clint Learns How to Play Guitar Fast! Follow Along for Your First Lesson!

17 08, 2012

Three Chords and Sweet Home Alabama!

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