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This category is for my former and current students. Many of my students (former and current) perform individually or with bands. They are an extremely talented group of people. I just want to feature of some them on my website.

22 08, 2012

Amanda’s Fourth Guitar Lesson to Learn Guitar Fast!

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Hey all! It is the END of week 3 for Amanda and we are now on to Lesson 4! You can see the steady progress that Amanda is making and how she is learning good, solid basic guitar technique. She is most definitely mastering my easy guitar instruction and will be playing the guitar well in six weeks with just 30 minutes per day.

The thing I like the most about showing a lesson each week is that it really is the reality of what you can accomplish as a beginning guitar student without any false promises of being a rock star from day one. AND at the same time it demonstrates the fact that you CAN learn good, solid guitar technique and be playing well enough to sing along, learn your favorite songs, and even start playing in a band in just six weeks!
Today Amanda learns a new way of strumming – I call it the “up, down, up, sock!”


20 08, 2012

Ready for Your First Guitar Lesson? Follow Along with Clint as He Takes His First Lesson, Too!

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Clint Collins is learning how to play the guitar fast with my easy guitar instruction! If you are a beginner and wanting to learn guitar fast, follow along with this video – you can have your first guitar lesson, too!

In this video, Clint learns how to do a basic (but important!) finger exercise on the first string, and then moves on to learning how to play a G chord, a C chord, and a D7 chord. He also learns how to strum the guitar for each chord in 4/4 time. Finally, he learns his first song, "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain" in the Key of G.

Guitar Instruction by Seth: Clint Learns How to Play Guitar Fast! Follow Along for Your First Lesson!

15 08, 2012

Amanda’s Third Guitar Lesson!

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Guitar Instruction by Seth: Amanda Learns Guitar Fast! Week 3, Lesson 3

We are now into week three…and 14-year-old Amanda is doing amazing! I made a mistake in the video…this is only her 3rd lesson (not her fourth)! Amanda is an ideal student because she has a strong desire to learn how to play guitar fast AND she is willing to practice every day for 30 minutes! 
In her first week of guitar instruction she learned G, C, and D7 and how to pick with her thumb and fingers in 4/4 time. During her second week of guitar instruction she went on to D, G, and A7 and continued to strum with her thumb and fingers. She also learned how to strum in 3/4 time. 
Today we'll watch how she does on her finger exercises and we'll play Silent Night in the key of G. She will then learn the G7 and F chords and Silent Night in the key of C. She will also learn how to fingerpick! How cool is that? 
Check back with us in a week to see Amanda's progress during week 3! 
7 08, 2012

Amanda’s First Guitar Lesson – Follow Her for 6 Weeks!

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With the exciting launch of my new video course, the 6 Week Guitar Bootcamp, I decided it would be fun to show a student actually work through the same exact guitar instruction materials that are in my program.

In this video, 14-year-old Amanda has her first lesson. Then she is going to check in with us every six weeks to show us her progress. This should be fun to watch her learn guitar fast!

The goal with my bootcamp is to teach you how to play guitar well enough to enjoy it within 6 weeks (30 min a day).