If you have been following my videos or are one of my guitar students you are most likely familiar with the idea of practicing your guitar…how long, how often, and even how to practice (practice does NOT make perfect…only perfect practice makes perfect!)

BUT…you may not have thought of practicing your stage presence to make it better! For example, I have always loved performing with my guitar. What I didn’t realize was the way I looked and the way I talked really didn’t seem to show the crowd that I was enjoying it (I was looking down instead of straight out at the audience, etc). I had to practice and learn how to look out and speak to an audience so they could realize that I I was enjoying it as much as I really was!

Here are my top tips on different ways you can improve how you look and act on stage. If you have watched yourself on stage (via video) and are frustrated with your performances, remember to stay positive and enjoy the process of learning and becoming better. With a little practice your new, improved performance habits will become natural!

Practicing Tips for…Stage Performance! Guitar Instruction by Seth