Six Week Guitar BootCamp (Six Week Video Course)

//Six Week Guitar BootCamp (Six Week Video Course)

Six Week Guitar BootCamp (Six Week Video Course)


Learn Guitar Fast! Go from being the ultimate, “no musical background” beginner to playing the guitar well enough to enjoy it in 30 minutes (or less) per day with “school teacher simplified” guitar instruction!


The Six Week Guitar Bootcamp Video Course INCLUDES the downloadable Guitar Guy Book 1 and downloadable, “play along” audio tracks!

Product Description

How it works:

  • Login the first day of each week. Watch and follow along with that week’s video lesson.
  • Login every day after you have watched the week’s lesson and follow along with Guitar Guy’s daily practice sessions.
  • Features one video lesson per week and four practice sessions per week (all of them different!) to keep you on track and progressing the way you deserve to!
  • Connect with the Guitar Guy – feel free to ask him any questions you would like to and he’ll be there for you every step of the way!